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Boating Links
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Sharing precious moments on the water, safely

 From  Environment Canada 

Western Lake Ontario Current Weather Conditions
Temperature, pressure, wave height, wave period, sea temp, wind & marine forecasts.

Canadian Coast Guard

 Canadian Coast Guard Programs and Services, 1-800-267-6687

Safe Boating Guide

 Office of Boating Safety PDF Safe Boating Guide - Things you must have on board!

Transport Canada

 Office of Boating Safety Information to keep you and your passengers safe on the water.

Canadian Hydrographic Service

 Canadian Nautical Charts & Services 613-998-4931 Plot a safe route

Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons

 Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons Knowledge is Power, 1-888-277-2628
Canadian Safe Boating Council Canadian Safe Boating Council Promoting safe and responsible boating throughout Canada, 416-293-1308
Boating to the US
Boats visiting USUS Customs and Border Patrol Information for Canadians crossing to the US
US Boaters coming to Canada
Boats visiting Canada
Canada Border Services Agency
Reporting requirements for US boaters.

Canadian Red Cross

 Canadian Red Cross Water safety information

Lifesaving Society of Canada

Lifesaving Society of Canada For 100 years, the society works to prevent drowning and water-related injuries.

 Notice to Mariners (NOTMAR)

Marine Navigation Services
Necessary information to update your charts and nautical publications, important announcements, and services.

Oakville Power and Sail Squadron

Oakville Power & Sail Squadron
Oakville's award winning comprehensive source for quality boat training since 1955.

Town of Oakville Water Air Rescue Force

TOWARF Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Unit providing marine search and rescue in western Lake Ontario. 1-800-267-7270

More boater-related sites that might be of interest ...

safeboater.com The Canadian Coast Guard has introduced new mandatory training requirements for boaters. The Safe Boater Training Program is Canadian Coast Guard accredited to Conduct Training, Administer Testing and Issue Pleasure Craft Operator Certificates.

Animated Knot Tying

Boating Knots
Animated nautical knot tying, the fun and easy way

International Burgee Registry

Yacht Club Burgees Around the World
Identifies many worldwide burgees along with some burgee etiquette.

Marina Finder
An interactive database reference service allows you to locate marinas that meet your specific needs.
 Online source to marina locations and information
Boat Owners World
Classifieds, Forums, Directories and News.
Discount marine supplies.